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Sensational and highly publicized thefts from museums and galleries, especially those involving famous artists and high value artwork, receive world-wide attention and usually are investigated by the FBI or a major police department and international organizations. Unfortunately, the overall majority of thefts from private residences, estates and small galleries usually involve a minimal effort by local police officials who may take a police report of the theft and possibly conduct some preliminary investigation.

The most important period of time after a theft is discovered is the first 24 to 72 hours when it is critical to not only coordinate with the police, but disseminate to the widest audience possible, all available information about the stolen object(s) and the circumstances of the theft. It is important to follow-up on the initial notifications and to monitor any official police investigative efforts.

Through its experience and contacts within and outside the U.S., The Annapolis Group works with the client to coordinate theft and recovery efforts, implementing protocols and making notifications necessary to disseminate the information on the loss and track follow-up efforts regarding the theft.

Retainer Services

Our theft and recovery retainer service is customized to each client’s specific needs, depending on the extent and nature of their collection. It predefines information about the collection so should a theft occur, we can work on the client’s behalf to respond proactively to police, make timely and effective notifications, and respond to follow-up inquiries regarding the theft.

Inquiries about the details of this service are welcomed.

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