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As already noted, the management of art risk and protection of your investment requires a series of steps to safeguard your purchase, the integrity of your art object and its value.

The complexity of the art world invites forgeries and frauds into the marketplace. Contrary to popular belief, art theft and art related fraud is not rare.  One only has to look at information published by the FBI, Interpol and private organizations involved with art crime to get a glimpse of the scope of the problem.  Additionally, thefts and frauds do not always involve the works of the Masters or the most valuable art objects.  They often involve average collectors and art objects that are not necessarily easily recognizable, making their fraudulent disposal easier.

By gathering the finest experts in the connoisseurship, conservation, restoration, forensics, security and overall art risk management, our team can address, on a scalable basis, any client need to help manage that risk.

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