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The most valuable provenance is that which accurately and completely reflects the history of the art, from its creation in the artist’s workshop to its current ownership.  It serves as the best proof of authenticity, legal status, ownership and title.  Knowing the most about the artist, the object’s content, composition and historical context, its history of ownership, its history of conservation and its condition, and its current position in the marketplace in terms of artistic tastes and trends, serves to enhance its value and marketability.

Conversely, questionable elements in an object’s provenance can adversely affect the integrity of its overall history and value.  Although not all objects have discoverable and verifiable provenance, we can review what provenance presently exists, identify what additional information may be available, and develop a comprehensive research plan.  The Annapolis Group and our partners can conduct the required research and provide all discoverable and available documentation regarding the object’s history or guide the client on conducting research on their own.

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