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Over recent years, the collection of art, whether paintings, sculptures, antiquities or other objects representing cultural heritage has increased dramatically and has survived despite fluctuations in the world economy. In fact, the proliferation of works of art by an ever increasing number of artists internationally has provided people of all walks of life and economic status with the opportunity to participate in the ever expanding art world. However, not surprisingly, along with this expanding participation has come an increase in opportunities for fraud, the proliferation of forgeries, and other activities inevitably linked with art crime.

The expertise possessed by our principals and partners within the art world, our extensive experience with risk management, crisis management, strategic security planning, due diligence, provenance research, and the intricate and complex workings within the art world, combined with our passion for art and our abhorrence for art crime, affords us a unique position to provide the services we offer.

Working with clients to manage risk and protect works of art, whether for individual or institutional collectors, galleries, museums, estates or religious sites of worship, The Annapolis Group applies the same standard of quality, integrity, confidentiality, and discretion that has become the hallmark of our relationships with clients. Our services are customized to each client’s specific needs, scalable in both scope of services and cost.

The Annapolis Group and its dedicated staff of experts worldwide can help with all that is required to manage all aspects of the risk to your art works.

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